Gatekeeper Systems Purchek Honored with 2018 PERIFEM Award in Security

Gatekeeper Systems Purchek was honored with the 2018 PERIFEM Award in Security and Safety.

PERIFEM is a French non-profit who seeks to represent and defend the Retail sector. It’s members make up three-quarters of French food retailers, most specialized retailers, and retail property companies like Unibail and Rodamco-Westfield. PERIFEM members represent 200 billion Euros in sales, 30,000 locations and 210 million square feet of retail space.

PERIFEM is a leading institution for European retailers with representation in forty committees across Europe and influence over legislation and standards across the EU. PERIFEM connects retailers with over 150 technical experts, 15 professional organizations and 10 ministries, with the goal of gathering and sharing best practices, identifying innovations, presenting market research and establishing legislation.

PERIFEM presents awards in three categories including including Security and Safety (including loss-prevention and anti theft), Energy Supply and Environment, and Technology. The PERIFEM Awards jury included:

  1. Arnaud Desgrées du Loû, Head of Security Auchan
  2. Gilles Rouanet, Head of Security Klépierre (Real Estate and shopping centers)
  3. Bertrand Swiderski, Director of sustainable Devpt Carrefour
  4. Coralie Lang Damerose, Head of power supply management Metro
  5. Alain Priou, Project Manager at Stime (Intermarché IT branch.) – Intermarché
  6. Gilles Schneider, Hypermarket Director Cora
  7. Michel Argouges, Head of Payment control Banque Chabrières (Intermarché Bank)
  8. Delphine Lalanne,  Head of Fiducial activities at Banque de France 
  9. Dominique Bertoncini,  Head of Police Division in charge of Security matters regarding retailers and other professions at risk, Reporting to the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  10. Mike Hadjadj, Founder

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